Dear Customer,

Many thanks for visiting us at Midbay Motors. We appreciate your business and trust that our staff and facilities ensured that your visit was a pleasurable one.

Should your visit not be up to your expectations, please feel free to contact one of my management staff at your earliest convenience:
Kenneth Hodgson - 082-4487654 (Director & Dealer Principle)

Tracy Coetzer - 082-4188787 (Director and Admin Manager)

Piet Louw - 082-4578578 (General Manager)

Angus Waller - 082-7706005 (workshop manager)

Stanley Joseph - 082-4069267 (General Manager)

Cecil Pillay -  072-702 0660 (Parts Manager)

Bradley Narainsamy - 082-593 8748 (Audi New, Pre-Owned and Mastercars Cars Sales Manager)

Chris Botha - 0741255935 (Volkswagen New Vehicle Sales Manager)

Kirsten Hodgson - 082 884 1830 (Mastercar and Pre-owned Sales Manager)

Customer Satisfaction Indes (CSI) is of vital importance to us all. You will shortly receive a call from Sinovate enquiring about your experience at our sales and service centre. Thereafter, Pro-Active marketing will contact you on behalf of Volkswagen South Africa.

Whilst our priority is to satisfy your requirements, your assistance in enabling us to achieve our CSI target of 100% will be greatly appreciated. The answers to various questions that Pro-Active will ask you will directly affect our target of 100%.
The ratings are 0 to 10 we would appreciate a score of 10 out of 10:

Your co-operation will be appreciated.
Kind Regards,
Kenneth Hodgson
Dealer Principal
Midbay Motors
035 7891168
082 4487654  



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