In 1932 four independent car manufacturers - Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer merged to form the modern day Audi AG company. They used the symbol of the 'Four Rings' to represent their merger - the definitive badge that is still in existence today. They were later joined by the famous NSU brand in 1969. Here is a story of courage and ingenuity, characterised by determination at every turn.


Vorsprung... a flash of insight... ingenuity... and a leap of imagination.

Vorsprung thinks laterally to transcend beyond the continuous bombardment of convention.

Vorsprung does not rely on the tried and tested. It uses the established as a point of departure.

It is the breaking point and starting point... the miracle of inspiration.

Vorsprung lives in the genius minds of our designers, engineers and technicians. And beats in the heart of everyone and anyone associated with Audi.

Vorsprung can never be tied down because every second gives birth to ingenious ideas. Every minute sees the creation of superb new cars, cutting-edge design and ground-breaking technology. And so we stimulate the world into believing in the fresh.... the inspired...in the beauty of original thought.

Vorsprung is the anticipation of the wondrous. It is to revel in new-found power and embrace the future.

Vorsprung is universal. The courage to believe in the impossible. It is bravery and determination. When each day is a challenge, fresh with possibilities waiting to be shaped into the phenomenal.

Vorsprung is you... Courageous. Creative. Individual. Committed. Passionate. Bold. Vorsprung personifies the pioneer and the leader. It is the unintended power to inspire. The unspoken need to challenge.

Vorsprung is all of this.... and so much more.



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